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野田暉行-作曲家- Teruyuki Noda -Composer- SITE TN Teruyuki Noda -Official Site- new office 野田暉行指揮 藝大奏楽堂
野田暉行-作曲家- Teruyuki Noda -Composer- SITE TN

左側写真©木之下 晃 氏 撮影 Photo (left side) by Akira Kionshita 右側写真 奏楽堂 (『開眼会』初演)  1998 SOGAKUDO opening concert


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2022年9月18日に、父 野田暉行が永眠いたしました。







2022.9.25 野田 瑛里子


11月26日(土)新作初演「ピアノソナタ」が演奏されました Program Note】





ピアノ演奏: 岡田博美


2022.11.27  野田 瑛里子

【Thank you for your kindness over the years】


On September 18th, 2022, my father Teruyuki Noda passed away.


On September 21st, his wife, Kayoko, who was the chief mourner,

placed his favorite music paper and pencils in his coffin.


I have been updating this site with my father since 2010.

When I finish posting the sentences "In Memories" that he had written before his death,

it will be his last voice.


I can no longer contact the composer directly,

but I would appreciate your continued support.


On September 25th, 2022



He was a composer until the end of his life, and "Piano Sonata" is his last and most recent posthumous work.

About 13 hours before my father passed away, I confirmed my father's stance in pursuit of the best of this already completed work.

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